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Thanks for coming by--and welcome to Tennant Across the Pond, my online journal which will serve to update friends and family about my upcoming trips to Formby, U.K.

I will be in Formby twice in the next six months, serving with Formby Baptist Church. The dates for the trip are:

March 5-22 and May 16-July 12.

For updates, info, and reflections, read on.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Long, For Now

Well, our time here is done.

It's been two incredible weeks of ministry. We've seen God move, and I think it's safe to say that Jesus was glorified by what we did over these two weeks.

Over the course of sermons, teaching times, Bible studies, events, and simple conversations, we lived out the Gospel. We encouraged one another, spurred one another on toward good works, and served one another zealously.

There have been times in my life when doing ministry hurt--and not in a good way. But there have also been times when doing ministry was sheer joy and downright fun. And I think these two weeks were filled with both joy and fun.

Plans have been set into motion for this summer's internship, and there is plenty to accomplish between now and May 17, but before I know it, I will be back. That is the only thing making it easy to leave right now, the knowledge I will be back in only 2 months.

Leaving this summer will be hard--and it isn't all that easy now, but I will be back, Lord willing. After seeing God work here in these two brief weeks, I am eagerly anticipating what the 8 weeks this summer hold.

So I do not say "Goodbye," but "See you later." Because it won't be long, Formby, until I'm back.


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