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Thanks for coming by--and welcome to Tennant Across the Pond, my online journal which will serve to update friends and family about my upcoming trips to Formby, U.K.

I will be in Formby twice in the next six months, serving with Formby Baptist Church. The dates for the trip are:

March 5-22 and May 16-July 12.

For updates, info, and reflections, read on.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It seems hard to believe that Week 1 is almost complete. We certainly hit the ground running this weekend, and after our short break on Monday, we have continued to work hard in preparation for the Gala this Saturday (more on that below) and I have been hard at work on preparing my sermon for this Sunday morning.

Here's the last few days (and the next few) in review:

Tuesday: Up early at Cafe Nero, working on my sermon. After lunch, we had a team meeting practicing skits for the Gala and a puppet skit for King's Kids. Tuesday night we had an informal hang out with the men of the church, during which the Americans beat the British at "Articulate!" a a British trivia game.

Wednesday: Up early at Cafe Nero once more. This time, coffee with Andy a 3rd-year college student (that's like a Senior in High School in the States) who had a day off from classes. That was a great time of catching up and getting a pulse on each other's lives again. Continued working on my sermon after Andy left. Team meeting at the church: lunch together, then more Gala practice (we got the whole thing done that day). Finished the sermon after the meeting, went home for tea (or dinner as we say in the States) and then back to church for the all-church Bible study. When we got home, Robert and Mary and I chatted a bit before heading to bed (our evening ritual, really).

Thursday: Had a bit of a lie-in, then off to King George V College's Christian Union. I taught a lesson on the community as means for evangelism from 1 John 4:12. My basic point: Christian community exists to prove God to a world which needs Him desperately. Afterwards, two team members and I chatted and planned out some visitation with older members of the church and meetings for the summer internship. Then we set up for King's Kids, during which we ate dinner, played games, sang songs, taught a lesson and did a craft. The team and some youth came back to the Smitton's for a game of Buzz (another trivia game) and then off to bed after another chat with Robert and Mary.

Friday: Up early for sermon prep and line memorization, Gala practice, youth group in the evening.

Saturday: Men's Breakfast then the Gala in the evening. The Gala is an outreach event where we rent out a hall, eat dinner, and we put on a variety show. It's a ton of work, but a lot of fun. Lots of people not connected to the church or in a relationship with Jesus will be there. Pray for our team to get our stuff down, but also that the Gospel message would go well.

Sunday: Preach in the morning, on Luke 15:1-7. The Parable of the Lost Sheep teaches us that we pursue the lost because heaven won't be satisfied until every sheep is found. We'll be reflecting on this incredible passage together this Sunday, so perhaps I will put up a little bit of my manuscript sometime soon.

All that to say, my time Across the Pond goes well, but I am ready for some sleep before hitting the ground again tomorrow. I am thankful for your prayers and your watchful eye on this little journal and thought-collector. Please pray for endurance, especially this Saturday, as we will be working hard for the Gala, and for a good night's rest on Saturday night, so I can be ready to bring the Word on Sunday.

Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.
---Colossians 1:28-29

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  1. My fav: you speak real English. And that makes you at least four times cooler than you were before you left.